• From:
  • 13 Mar 2023
  • To:
  • 14 Mar 2023

Battery2030+ Webinar on Self-healing functionalities
In the frame of the BAT4EVER and HIDDEN projects and BATTERY2030+ cluster, this course will provide the basics on the self healing functionalities in Lithium batteries, including:
– Self-healing properties of cells and application with metallic lithium and silicon anodes;
– Methods to evaluate the self-healing properties;

– Examples presented by the Next Generation Scientists Community.

The course will take place on the 13th-14th of March from 09:00 – 12:20


DAY1 13th MARCH 2023 
9-9.15WelcomeSilvia Bodoardo
9.15-9.30BATTERY2030+ presentationKristina Edstrom
9.30-10.00Overview of Self-healing functionalitiesRobert Dominko
10.00-10.20Q&A SessionKristina Edstrom moderator
10.40-11.10Self-healing functionalities for metal Li batteriesMarja Vilkman
11.10-11.30Q&A SessionMari Ylikunnari moderator
11.30-12.00Modelling of self-healing functionalitiesDaniel Brandell
12.00-12.20Q&A sessionRita Magri moderator
12.20End of Day 1Silvia Bodoardo
DAY2 14th MARCH 2023 
9-9.10WelcomeSilvia Bodoardo
09.10-9.40Supramolecular self-healing polymersAnja Marinow
09.40-10.00Q&A sessionNeslihan Yuca moderator
10.00-11.20Self-healing functionalities for polymer electrolytesMikel Arrese-Igor
10.20-11:40Self-healing functionalities for polymer bindersTamara Patranika
10.40-11.00Q&A SessionKristina Edstrom moderator
11.20-11.40Methods how to evaluate SH propertiesMarta Mirolo
11.40-12.00Characterization of self-healing polymersWandi Wahyudi
12.00-12.20 Q&A sessionSilvia Bodoardo moderator
12.20Conclusive RemarksSilvia Bodoardo