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There is a high demand for research-educated employees within the battery area in Europe, as materials developers, battery producers, and battery experts in industries applying energy storage solutions. Being able to conduct research and understanding scientific work and methodology, will be key competencies for advancing battery development – both in Europe and elsewhere. It is through research development the battery technology has improved and will continue to do so with further achievements in the future.

In every European country, there are academic bodies that train students in research education and are also active in the field of battery science. Their focus might differ but students have plenty of opportunities to be educated towards their interest areas.

The research education system in Europe is different in different member states, and the educational programs vary in both length and content. Students interested in starting research education are advised to seek opportunities locally at different universities or at different local contact points.

Many Ph.D. positions in the field are announced at Euraxess

A few research schools exist that educate on specific battery topics: