HEALING BAT is an EU project that brings together 10 European research centres, leading universities and innovative companies from 6 different countries to investigate the EU batteries of the future, which will be smart and more sustainable.

Within 4 years, the Horizon Europe project will develop and implement self-healing materials and healing strategies in key battery components, used in the conventional lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery, and extrapolate the designs and concepts to develop a new class of self-restoring Li-S batteries.

HEALING BAT will also create a toolbox consisting of self-healing materials, battery sensors and bespoke battery management systems (BMS), with the aim of maximising the performance of the developed Li-S battery in terms of quality, reliability and lifetime, as well as avoiding or timely healing occurring damages that could lead to battery degradation.

For this purpose, the EU project has been granted more than €5.7 million from the European Commission and the respective UK and Swiss funding agencies, under the umbrella of the Horizon Europe programme for research and innovation. HEALING BAT also takes part in BATTERY2030+, a large-scale European research initiative that brings together several Horizon Europe EU projects to invent the sustainable batteries of the future, that will demand fewer resources and improve the competitiveness of EU battery cell industries.

Project Coordinator Stefan Palzer, Tech Uni of Dortmund, Germany

Contact stefan.palzer@tu-dortmund.de