Big data are playing a pivotal role in achieving a disruptive acceleration of the discovery of new technologies required by a sustainable future. No research group, center, or institution can alone produce this quantity and variety of data, which involves multiple time and length domains. Sharing data is the solution to this and well-structured Research Data Management is the tool to enable this.

In BATTERY 2030+, we want to define a new homogenised way to deal with data which will ultimately help in creating a common infrastructure to share data. Our approach includes:

  • Homogenisation of Data Management Plans
  • Creation of „Data Tables“ summerising the data produced in a project
  • Identify contact points from the „Data Tables“ for possible shareable data

This enables new collaborations, a more comprehensive understanding of the battery technology, and an acceleration of the discovery of new materials and devices.

Contact: Dr. Ivano E. Castelli (DTU) – ivca@dtu.dk