OPINCHARGE – Innovation in producing safe and long-lasting batteries

The main goal of the initiative “OPINCHARGE – OPerando analyses and modelling of INterface dynamics and CHARGE transport in lithium-ion batteries” is to advance the lithium-ion battery technology. How? Via the development of a set of effective operando nano-scale and sub-nano-scale techniques and methodologies.

The aim is to analyse and understand interactions between the interfacial structure, its chemical evolution and charge dynamics in an unprecedented level of detail.

project Opincharge

The project plans:

1. Create advanced tools and methods for studying electrode/electrolyte reactions at the nanoscale by adapting previously limited techniques with innovative technologies and protocols.

2. Integrate Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning algorithms for low dose high-throughput data acquisition, and for data treatment.

3. Develop a multi-technique integrating platform towards characterising interfacial reactions at unprecedented time and length scales in working conditions.

4. Increase the lifetime and safety of batteries, by linking the new understanding of battery interfaces developed through this project to the degradation models of batteries during and after their usage.

5. Maximize outreach and exploitation of the tools and data generated through OPINCHARGE: to deepen the knowledge of the understanding within the research and industrial communities.

Main benefits of the project:

OPINCHARGE will contribute to the groundwork towards BATT4EU and other transversal priorities. The improved understanding of batteries and their chemical reactions will allow manufacturers to produce safe and long-lasting batteries. In such a way it will be possible to diminish their carbon footprint and contribute to a clean and sustainable industrial transition of the battery industry. This will further add up towards achieving a climate-neutral energy sector.

OPINCHARGE belongs to the group of several projects coordinated at the EU level by the Battery2030+ initiative. Together, they will strive to make Europe the world leader in the development and production of green batteries.

Project Coordinator: Santhana Eswara, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) www.list.lu

Contact: santhana.eswara@list.lu

Consortium partners: Research institutions and experts in battery technology from France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Implementing period: 06/2023 – 05/2026