The BAT4EVER project focuses on the self-healing mechanisms of the micro-damage and loss of material generated during repetitive cycles of charge and discharge. The aim of the project is to tailor the materials of LIBs by modifying their well-established state-of-art ancestors and inducing self-healing functionalities (mechanical, structural and chemical) and thus to achieve innovative, higher performant, capable of extended lifetime, safe and reliable Li-ion batteries.

The expertise on self-healing polymers systems and technologies on synthesis of novel polymerized ILs, self-healing surface layer protected silicon anodes and advanced core/shell structured NMC nanoparticles are convincing in strengthening the European Battery industry to be competitive in the European and World Battery Market and in providing European Society with safer and long-lasting battery products.

In the first project year, the following achievements are recorded:

  • technical requirements and significant parameters for the self-healing test prototypes are defined
  • safety test conditions are determined
  • identification of analysis methods regarding production feasibility are carried out
  • ionic liquids are successfully included in the ionogels with self-healing functionality
  • main synthesis parameters for core/shell cathode material production are established and last optimization procedures and scaling are ongoing
  • producibility of cathode electrodes with core/shell material is achieved
  • polymers for self-healing anodes are optimized and first electrochemical tests on reference cells are done

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium

Contact: Professor and Leader of the Battery Innovation Center, Prof. Dr. Maitane Berecibar