• From:
  • 21 Jun 2023
  • To:
  • 22 Jun 2023

Registration here https://www.spartacus-battery.eu/workshop-smart-sensor-batteries/

21 June 2023Day 1Industrial WorkshopSpeakers
 8:30Registration & Welcome Coffee 
 9:00Welcome (WS intro & agenda)Oscar Miguel (CIDETEC energy storage)
Think local, act global9:10Regional initiative: MUBIL New Mobility CentreAinhoa Saizar Lizeaga (MUBIL)
 9:30National initiatives: the PERTE VEC projects – Future:Fast Forward (SEAT) & CAPITAL (IRIZAR)Víctor Clua (SEAT), Mikel Urcelay (IRIZAR)
 10:10CIDETEC Energy Storage presentationOscar Miguel (CIDETEC energy storage)
 10:30Recharge Coffee 
The Project11:00EU state of play: Battery 2030+ within the EU Batteries EcosystemKristina Edström (University Uppsala)
11:25SPARTACUS Smart Sensing Batteries – project presentationGerhard Domann (Fraunhofer ISC)
11:4512:0012:15 SPARTACUS Advisory Board introduction:ELTEK – Quality sensing for dielectric fluidsTUKE / INOBAT – Corrosion monitoring and prediction of state of health of electrodes in battery systemsVERKOR Pizzi Marco (ELTEK Group)Maroš Halama (TUKE)Gilles Moreau (VERKOR)
 12:30Networking lunch 
A wider industrial stakeholders vision14:00Introduction to the afternoon sessionOscar Miguel (CIDETEC energy storage)
14:05FLASH BATTERIES – Advanced BMS for industrial applicationsAlan Pastorelli
14:25IDNEO – Review of risk assessment for battery management based on centralised and distributed architecturesAntonio Mollfulleda (IDNEO)
14:45BMWFranz Geyer (BMW)
15:05Fast Charge Coffee 
15:20IVECO – Battery Aging by Innovative SensorsSridhar Manasa, Dr. Neeta Khare (IVECO)
15:40ZELEROSDaniel Fons (ZELEROS)
 16:00Roundtable battery challenges for e-mobility: FLASH, IDNEO, SEAT, BMW, IVECOChair: Gerhard Domann (Fraunhofer ISC)
 16:30End of Day 1 
Social event – project team, speakers and guests19:00Informal Cocktail in the cityparticipants of Day 1 and Day 2

22 June 2023 – Day 2

22 June 2023Day 2Synergistic Projects Workshop 
 9:00Introduction to  Day 2 
Battery 2030+ led Sensing and Self Healing projects9:10BAt4EVER – Autonomous polymer based self-healing components for high performant lithium-ion batteriesMaitane Berecibar (VUB)
9:30The HIDDEN project: Integration of sensors and self-healing functionalities in batteriesMarja Vilkman (VTT)
9:50Multisensor smart cell platform for operando and in situ monitoring, an INSTABAT project overviewOlivier Raccurt (CEA)
10:10SENSIBAT – Cell-integrated sensing functionalities for smart battery systems with improved performance and safetyIñigo Gandiaga (IKERLAN)
 10:30Working Coffee 
Broadening horizons session11:00SPARTACUS Smart Batteries – Focus into sensor development and integrationJohannes Ziegler (Fraunhofer ISC)
11:20Advanced sensors and algorithms from COBRA projectLluís Trilla (IREC)
11:40SENSE – Competitive next-generation European lithium-ion battery technologyAlessandro Mariani (FPT)
12:00HYDRA – Enhancing battery sensor data with semantic mappingsSimon Clark (SINTEF)
12:20PHOENIX – Advancing Sustainable and Smart European Batteries: Exploring Self-Healing and Sensing FunctionalitiesPavlo Ivanchenko (VUB) 
12:40Roundtable – New frontiers in smart battery cell technologies and LCAChair: Maarten Messagie (VUB)
 13:15End of the Day