LiPLANET Conference: Discover the insights of battery cell pilot lines ecosystem.

The aim of LiPLANET – a 2-year project funded by the EU under the HORIZON 2020 R&I Programme – was to create a European innovation and production ecosystem by forming a network of Research pilot lines for the production of lithium battery cells. Now, two years later, the LiPLANET Network is up and running as an Association in founding, already gathering 11 members.

The LiPLANET Project Conference will be the perfect opportunity to discover the main achievements of the project that allowed to successfully establish the Network, and what will be the next steps for the Network. Here, we’ll cover topics such as the Expert Groups, the Roadmap, the Round Robin test, the Trainings, and the Data Exchange Platform. Furthermore, we’ll count with the participation of one of our pilot lines to show its experience so far as a member of the Network. All this and much more on March 10th!

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