• From:
  • 16 May 2022
  • To:
  • 18 May 2022

International Operando Battery Days is a conference dedicated to the characterization of batteries by means of advanced operando techniques, both in-lab and at Large Scale Facilities (synchrotron, neutron and muons).

It will be organized every year, the 2022 event being inaugural. The program will focus on advanced characterization tools and methods applied to probe the bulk & interfacial properties of active materials in battery devices, with focus on investigations in operando mode, e.g. during battery cycling under realistic conditions.

The conference will present the most recent developments and progresses to observe and map the evolving structures, including phase transitions, redox mechanisms, interfacial reactions, ageing, transport, in relation to materials composition & design and battery operating conditions.

The conference will gather 120 participants from both academia and industry, and bring together experts in electrochemistry, materials science, technology, and analytical methods, therefore providing a unique opportunity to bring the battery community all together and constitute a platform for exchanging ideas, discussing new approaches, stimulate networking and collaborations.

We wish you in advanced a very pleasant conference in Grenoble.

Claire Villevieille & Sandrine Lyonnard

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