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  • 29 Oct 2024
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  • 30 Oct 2024

October 29-30, 2024
Congress Centrum Wuerzburg

Closing the Loop

Direct battery recycling is a key strategy to maximize sustainability and geopolitical independence along the battery value chain

The new EU Battery Directive is driving this growing interest. It requires low carbon footprint batteriesstricter policies on critical raw materials (CRM) and high-quality recycling of batteries including re-use rates for CRM. The BD is expected to become a global benchmark.

This is accompanied by the EU Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) to strengthen circularity, including recycling.
An economic pathway meet those requirements on industrial scale are a range of modern efficient recycling methods phrased “direct recycling”.

The Fraunhofer ISC has been working for several years to optimize direct recycling in terms of technological feasibility and economic viability.
The “Conference on Battery Direct Recycling”, initiated by the Fraunhofer R&D Center for Electromobility Bavaria FZEB of the ISC, is intended to provide a platform for networking for stakeholders from research, industry and politics.

The goal of the conference is to strengthen the direct recycling community and collectively unlock the potential to contribute to a more sustainable and economically viable battery ecosystem.

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