• 13 Feb 2023


Three years after the first summit in December 2019, we revisit the achievements of the European battery revolution led by the European Commission in hands of the European Battery Alliance and key actors as Batteries 2030+. We will also bring focus on the different initiatives, policies and strategies deployed in Basque Country and Spain. We will share the day with different representatives of these initiatives in the public and private sectors.

Register here, https://cicenergigune.com/en/agenda/batsum23-european-ecosystem-batteries/registration

Monday, 13 February 2023 

  1. 08,30 – 09,00REGISTRATION
  2. 09,00 – 09,20WELCOME
    • Nuria Gisbert – Director General CIC energiGUNE 
    • Ana Oregi – Deputy Councilor of the Department of Territory and Climate Action. Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council
    • Pilar Garcia Salazar – Lieutenant General Deputy and Foral Deputy for Economic Development and Territorial Balance in the Provincial Council of Alava
  3. 09,20 – 09,40Robert Dominko. Research Professor at the National Institue of Chemistry and Associate Professor at University of Ljubljana Why Battery 2030+ engage in regional meetings to support research and innovation in Europe
  4. 09,40 – 10,00Johan Söderbom. Thematic Leader Smartgrids & Energy Storage, Innoenergy. From Europe to the world, present and future, the vision of the European Battery Alliance & EIT Innoenergy.
  5. 10,00 – 10,20Wouter IJzermans. Executive Director BEPA (Batteries European Partnership, Under European Commission supervision) How R&I can help overcame the challenges facing the European battery value chain
  6. 10,20 – 10,40Stefan Wolf. Senior Consultant. Team Lead Accompanying Research Battery Cell Manufacturing- VDI-VDE The future of European battery IPCEIs
  7. 10,40 – 11,10NETWORKING COFFEE
  8. 11,10 – 11,50ROUND TABLETo be confirmed
  9. 11,50 – 12,30ROUND TABLE:
    Mobility sector vision and forecast

    Chair of the session: Raquel Ferret. Business Development Director at CIC energiGUNE
    • Basquevolt. Francisco Carranza, CEO.
    • ACICAE. Inés Anitua, General Manager. 
    • CAF Power & Automation. Txomin Nieva, Chief Technology Officer. 
  10. 12,30 – 13,10ROUND TABLE: Stationary Sector vision and forecast 
    Chair of the session: Raquel Ferret. Business Development Director at CIC energiGUNE
    • Basque Energy Cluster. -Jose Ignacio Ormaeche, General Manager. 
    • Batiq. Igor Cantero, General Manager.
    • Iberdrola. Pilar González, PERSEO Innovation Management.
    • Jema Energy. Jon Ander Lopez, Product Manager BESS (Battery Energy Storage System).
    • Ingeteam. -Josu Arrinda, Technical Manager BESS Systems.
  11. 13,10 – 13,30Representative of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and TourismTo be confirmed
  12. 13,30 – 13,40Tribute and Designation of Michel Armand as Honorary Scientific Director of CIC energiGUNEArantxa Tapia, Minister for Economic Development and Sustainability. Basque Government.
  13. 13,40 – 14,00Arantxa Tapia. Minister for Economic Development and Sustainability. Basque Government. Basque Government: The batteries value chain in the Basque Country, a retrospective.
  14. 14,00 – 14,15End of the session and networking lunch