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The BATTERY 2030+ community gathered young scientists for a workshop taking
place across four European cites simultaneously.

Young Scientist Prespective

The event was designed to involve young people from all over Europe in an important and open
discussion of the electrification and decarbonisation of Europe by 2050, where the future
development of batteries in Europe plays a big part. The young scientists discussed the
developments and innovations needed in this sector for the future and also how this will impact
Europe’s economy and society.

The young scientist event aimed to engage young scientists (no more than 7 years after Ph.D.) to
express their ideas about the future battery research landscape by providing input on the BATTERY
2030+ roadmap and curricula. The scientists were selected in order to gather a wide range of
experience and competences, both within and outside the battery field. Gender equality was also taken into consideration.

The event was held simultaneously at four different Universities in Europe defined by their geographic
position (e.g. POLITO Politecnico di Torino, UU Uppsala University, Vrije Universiteit Brussels VUB,
Warsaw University of Technology WUT). The four Universities was connected live via the web to
allow open discussions and by providing and broadcasting short lectures given by well-known
people, with the aim to inspire and engage the selected participants.

At the end of the day the results of the discussions and have been put together to create
a Manifesto that you can find here: