A moment with our Director Kristina Edström December 2023

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We are just celebrating our fifth birthday! Time flies and there is some news to report. The Battery 2030+ roadmap describes important actions needed to accelerate research on future battery chemistries with the prerequisites to reach the market. To develop digital algorithms with AI and machine learning based on the massive amount of data from high through put and automated experiments have become more and more urgent. Battery 2030+ is stepping up the efforts on best practices in terms of data sharing, battery ontology, common standards and protocols. In spring we will organize workshops open for you to both participate in and contribute to. In the coming period we will also increase our efforts on sustainability as a result of the new battery regulation. Claude Chanson from Recharge is our expert and will work on this with our projects.

If you are applying to some of the new Battery Partnership calls launched next year and want to know more about the implications in the call text “contribute and collaborate with Battery 2030+” -, just contact us!

Kristina Edström