Battery 2030+ vision

The ambitious vision for BATTERY 2030+ is to invent the batteries of the future.

Our vision is broad yet concentrates on specific challenges. By fostering an innovative and collaborative community among researchers and industry leaders, Europe has the opportunity to take the lead in a market that will almost certainly drive many technology developments for more than a generation ahead.

Battery development is at a crossroads. The global demand for batteries is immense and projected to grow even further. At the same time, the future is open for new ideas and concepts, in the way we discover novel materials, engineer interfaces, and design batteries with added-value functionalities. BATTERY 2030+ will develop the scientific and high-tech advances needed to provide the European value chain with a competitive edge, in both existing markets (road transport, stationary energy storage) and future emerging applications (robotics, aerospace, medical devices, internet of things, …).

BATTERY 2030+ will rely on a flexible and adaptable roadmap that will integrate the diverse approaches and expertise across Europe to support battery development over the next decade, perhaps even pursuing concepts that now only exist in the realm of the imagination.

Battery 2030+ Objectives

Europe’s energy transition and digital transformation encompass advances in a wide array of industries, including electric mobility, renewable energy storage, internet of things, robotics, etc. The long-term success of these diverse activities hinges on the availability of ultrahigh-performance, reliable, safe, sustainable and affordable batteries.
Based on ground-breaking European science, the objective of BATTERY 2030+ is to supply disruptive battery technologies featuring:

  • energy & power densities approaching
  • the theoretical limits,
  • outstanding lifetime & reliability,
  • enhanced safety,
  • environmental sustainability,
  • scalability, to enable production of batteries.

Batteries that meet these specifications will revolutionise the current energy system and open the way to radically new applications, some of which can only be imagined today.