A roadmap with a vision far beyond the next decade

The BATTERY 2030+ roadmap is formulated with a vision to contribute to the UN sustainability goals, clean energy and a fossil-free society. It defines key obstacles to overcome to achieve ultra-high performance batteries with smart functionalities, which are safe, low-cost, scalable, durable and predictable with a long life-time. Manufacturability and sustainability will be considered as two key cross-cutting themes. The BATTERY 2030+ roadmap is a 10 year plan with intermediary goals to to show progression towards delivering on the goals of the initiative. 

The research areas proposed in the roadmap draft are all chemistry neutral, which means that they potentially can be applied to any battery chemistry, creating an impact on both state-of-the art and future electrochemical storage systems.

The roadmap will be presented for the European Commission in February 2020 and the BATTERY 2030+ consortium invites European scientists and companies to participate in the design process. Currently, over 1 200 stakeholders have endorsed the initiative and their input have been collected via written consultations and workshops. 

Read the second draft of the roadmap