About us

What will the batteries of the future look like? The BATTERY 2030+ initiative brings research institutions and industry together to develop next generation of ultra-performing, sustainable and safe batteries.

The need to achieve sustainable and rechargeable batteries with the highest possible energy and power content, in addition to a long life, is of utmost importance to reach the goal of a fossil-free society. Versatile and high-performance energy storage systems reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector, stabilize the power grid and support a broad range of strategic industries. In nearly all aspects of modern life, batteries enable innovation.

BATTERY 2030+ is the large-scale and long-term European research initiative addressing the challenges we face to invent the batteries of the future. The initiative has a long-term focus, which is necessary to address the obstacles preventing current and future battery technologies from performing close to their theoretical limits, while at the same time minimizing environmental impact and cutting down life-cycle carbon footprint. BATTERY 2030+ will follow a “chemistry neutral” approach to explore a wide range of battery chemistries and technologies. This will provide breakthrough technologies to the European battery industry across the full value chain, enabling European leadership in both existing markets (road transport, stationary energy storage, etc.) and future emerging applications (robotics, aerospace, medical devices, internet of things, etc.). With this large-scale European effort, BATTERY 2030+ will also attract new and young talents, which is vital for long-term competence building in this field. BATTERY 2030+ is thus initiating a strong battery research movement to create open discussions about the fundamental research needs for Europe.

The ideas that BATTERY 2030+ proposes will allow Europe to reach and overcome the ambitious battery performance targets agreed upon in the Strategic Energy Technology plan (SET-plan) proposed by the European Commission. BATTERY 2030+ brings a long-term vision within Batteries Europe – the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) – developing a strategic research and innovation agenda for the full value chain.

A roadmap with a vision far beyond the next decade  

The BATTERY 2030+ initiative was launched in March 2019 and is currently supported by a Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action (CSA). It is based on a multi-disciplinary and cross-sectorial approach with support both from the industry and academia. The core group consists of 17 partners, leaders in their fields, from nine European countries.

As a first step, a roadmap for long-term research has been drafted, including propositions for future research and innovation actions. The roadmap will define both the obstacles to overcome and the tools to develop in order to reach ultra-high performance, reliable, safe, sustainable and affordable batteries. The research areas proposed in the roadmap are chemistry neutral, which means that they can potentially be applied to any battery chemistry, creating an impact on both state -of-the-art and future electrochemical storage systems.

The roadmap will be presented for the European Commission in February 2020 and the BATTERY 2030+ consortium invites European scientists and companies to participate in the design process. Currently over 1 200 stakeholders have endorsed the initiative and their input have been collected via written consultations and workshops.