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Battery 2030+

This manifesto is a call to launch a new long-term research initiative. BATTERY 2030+ will enable Europe to take the lead in battery science and technology, by developing batteries with ultrahigh performance and smart functionalities. To achieve these goals we need your stakeholder endorsement.

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Powering Europe’s Battery Revolution

Batteries have a central role to play in Europe’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Versatile and high-performance electrochemical energy storage can reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector, stabilise the power grid, and so much more. Europe could capture a battery market of up to €250 billion a year from 2025 onwards.

Battery 2030+ in a nutshell

Ten years from now

In ten years’ time, BATTERY 2030+ will have generated a new body of knowledge that will lead to ultrahigh performance batteries with integrated smart functionalities, and will have created novel research fields for future batteries – all in a sustainable framework.

Our target achievements

Europe needs to act now

If we act together across Europe now, we can become global leaders in the battery market and secure strategic technologies for the energy transition towards a low-carbon and circular economy.

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The battery R&I landscape

A long-term action over 10 years with a focus on disruptive technologies, the BATTERY 2030+ initiative will concentrate on low TRL transformational research (TRL 1 to 3). It complements the short-term initiatives launched in the framework of the European Battery Alliance to develop large-scale manufacturing capacities, and the short-to-medium term research and innovation projects undertaken within the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe work programmes.

Battery 2030+ in the R&I landscape


Our vision is broad yet concentrates on specific challenges. By fostering an innovative and collaborative community among researchers and industry leaders, Europe has the opportunity to take the lead in a market that will almost certainly drive many technology developments for more than a generation ahead.

The Battery 2030+ vision


Europe’s energy transition and digital transformation encompass advances in a wide array of industries, including electric mobility, renewable energy storage, internet of things, robotics, etc. The long-term success of these diverse activities hinges on the availability of ultrahigh-performance, reliable, safe, sustainable and affordable batteries.


Schematic illustration of battery degradation.

Research areas

Four main research areas have already been defined to address the challenge of developing next-generation batteries, with more areas to follow.

Research areas