The battery R&I landscape

The commitment of the European Commission to tackle climate and environmental related challenges was emphasized by the new growth strategy announced in the European Green Deal in December 2019. As the European Commission stated, innovative and sustainable technologies are critical to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal.

BATTERY 2030+ is the large-scale and long-term European research initiative with the vision to invent the sustainable batteries of the future, and enable Europe to reach the goals envisaged in the European Green Deal. The BATTERY 2030+ consortium, gathering a number of top-ranked researchers covering the full battery value chain, presented already in December 2018 a ten-year perspective on how to tackle the long-term challenges in the field of battery research.

BATTERY 2030+ complements the short- and medium-term initiatives launched in the framework of the European Battery Alliance and described in the European Commission Strategic Action Plan on Batteries, and actively participates in the European Technology and Innovation Platform Batteries Europe.

Other European battery initiatives

The need to achieve sustainable and rechargeable batteries with the highest possible energy and power content, in addition to a long life, is of utmost importance to reach the goal of a fossil-free society. Several initiatives aim at supporting the growth of a sustainable and competitive battery industry in Europe. In addition information about on-going Horizon 2020 projects can be found via the European Commission’s dashboard.

Batteries Europe
European Battery Alliance
Innovative Batteries for eVehicles