Future R&I actions

The BATTERY 2030+ roadmap presents the research directions needed in order to invent the sustainable batteries of the future and provide new tools with which Europe  can discover and develops these batteries. At the end of the first year the initiative, the consortium made new suggestions for R&I actions focusing on the medium-term goals outlined in the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap. The topics below were formulated by the BATTERY 2030+ core -group after consultation with European stakeholders.

The topics “development of smart digital twins” and “development of direct recycling concepts” come from the cross-cutting research areas of manufacturability and recyclability identified in the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap.

The topic “furthering the development of a materials acceleration platform” can be seen as following -up the ramp-up phase of a materials acceleration platform which will be funded under LC-BAT-12-2020.

The topic “embedding smart functionalities into cells” can be seen as the following- up the  smart functionalities ramp-up phase, which will be funded under LC-BAT-13 and LC-BAT-14-2020

The topic “visualising electrons” is a frontier research topic that will trigger significant scientific progress in the field of materials characterisation, with a long-term impact on several technology fields including batteries.

Suggestions for topics from the BATTERY 2030+ community

  • Developing a smart digital twin for the design and manufacturing process of next-generation battery cells
  • Developing direct recycling concepts for battery technologies
  • advancing the development of a MAP for sustainable batteries
  • Embedding smart functionalities into cells
  • Visualising electrons