Roadmap – second draft


The second draft of the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap “Inventing the Batteries of the Future – Research Needs and Future Actions” is now published and will be up for discussion during the BATTERY 2030+ workshop on 20 November in Brussels.

The roadmap expresses the long-term research actions necessary to enable the invention of the batteries of the future. This will ensure European leadership within the field and contribute to the goal of a European fossil-free society by 2050.

Professor Kristina Edström,
Coordinator of BATTERY 2030+.

“We are bringing together the smartest brains in Europe to speed up scientific discoveries, create synergies and avoid over-redundant research, says Professor Kristina Edström, Coordinator of BATTERY 2030+.
The roadmap suggests long-term research directions based on a chemistry neutral approach.  The proposed research actions will enable different kinds of battery chemistries, existing or future, to reach their full potentials by closing the gap between their respective practical capacity and theoretical limit.
“This will provide breakthrough technologies to the European battery industry across the full value chain, enabling European leadership in both existing and future markets”, says Kristina Edström.

The ideas will allow Europe to reach and overcome the ambitious battery performance targets agreed upon in the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-plan) proposed by the European Commission. In addition, the BATTERY 2030+ long-term roadmap complements the short- to medium-term research and innovation efforts within Batteries Europe – the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP).

The first draft of the roadmap was published in late July 2019. More than 1,200 stakeholders from academia, research organizations, industry, and public sector have been given the opportunity to provide feedback on the first draft. The BATTERY 2030+ initiative has visited most of the EU member states and some of the associated countries to present and discuss the roadmap.

Simon Perraud, Deputy
Coordinator of BATTERY 2030+.

“BATTERY 2030+ is thus initiating a strong battery research movement to create open discussions about the fundamental research needs for Europe”, says Simon Perraud, Deputy Coordinator of BATTERY 2030+.

The initiative is supported with a Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action (CSA) from 1 March 2019 to 30 May 2020. A full version of the roadmap will be submitted to the European Commission at the end of February 2020.

Read the second draft of the roadmap

 If you’re not able to attend the workshop on 20 November, follow the live stream from the morning session.