IBA 2020 - International battery association

  • Date:
  • Location: Bled, Slovenia
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  • Organiser: International Battery Association (IBA)
  • Contact person: Robert Dominko
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The International Battery Association's (IBA) meetings provide an opportunity to learn about progress in basic research with practical applications in the field of advanced battery materials, advanced characterization techniques for battery materials and new systems.

World-renowned representatives from the academia and industry from all continents will share their recent progress and stimulate discussions on interdisciplinary battery research and development.

The topics to be addressed are related but not limited to the following:
– New battery concepts, materials and systems 
– Electrode materials and composites with tailored nanostructures 
– Advances in enabling metal anodes 
– Battery interface and its characterisation 
– Advanced characterization tools 
– Metal air, metal sulfur, multivalent and redox flow batteries 
– Modelling and simulation of interfaces, materials, composites and systems 
– Energy storage system integrations and issues 
– Battery manufacturing and recycling 
– Market prospects and penetration