The battery R&I landscape

As a long-term action over 10 years with a focus on disruptive technologies, the BATTERY 2030+ initiative will concentrate on low technology readiness level (TRL) research (TRL 1 to 3). It complements the short-term initiatives launched in the framework of the European Battery Alliance to develop large-scale manufacturing capacities, and the short-to-medium term research and innovation projects undertaken within the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe work programmes. The European Battery Alliance will foster the development of a strong industry ecosystem in Europe, which will bring to the BATTERY 2030+ initiative the industrial perspective required to reach its ambitious objectives.

The BATTERY 2030+ roadmap will go well beyond the current SET Plan, by proposing a vision for inventing the batteries of the future. The BATTERY 2030+ initiative will exploit the untapped potential of radically new materials, chemistries, smart functionalities and cell designs. Reaching and moving beyond the SET Plan milestones, it will improve next generations battery technologies, lay the groundwork for radically new future battery technologies introduced in the market after 2030 and secure European leadership in batteries for both established applications and emerging markets.

The European battery research and innovation ecosystem – the complementarity between the European Battery Alliance, Batteries Europe and BATTERY 2030+. BATTERY 2030+ will transfer new knowledge and technologies across the full value chain and across all TRL-levels.

Other European Battery Initiatives

The need to achieve sustainable and rechargeable batteries with the highest possible energy and power content, in addition to a long life, is of utmost importance to reach the goal of a fossil-free society. Several initiatives aim at supporting the growth of a sustainable and competitive battery industry in Europe.