The BATTERY 2030+ initiative is organised in four work packages:

Work package 1: State of the art analysis

The goal of work package 1 is to establish the state of the art of all topics related to the BATTERY 2030+ initiative five main themes:

– Science and technology

– Programs, infrastructure, roadmaps

– Market situation and landscape of patents

– IP agreements

Work package 2: Roadmapping

The overall objective of work package 2 is to formulate a strong research programm for a long-term battery effort to the benefit of Europe.

BATTERY 2030+ initiative will work out a roadmap to address the bottleneck to overcome to reach the overall goal of ultra-high performance and sustainable and smart battery technologies.

Generic research and innovation actions will also be defined during the BATTERY 2030+ initiative.

WP3: Stakeholders committments, communications and disseminations

The objective of work package 3 is to gather support from the industry and the research for the initiative while involving them through a written consultation and a workshop to collect their inputs for the different activities.

Their involvement through the whole process would be an asset to receive their support at the end of the initiative.

Work package 4: Project management

The key achievement of work package 4 is to implement the appropriate methods and tools to meet the stated objectives, and obtain the expected impacts, while complying with the EU contractual framework.

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