MOBI Seminar

  • Date: –15:30
  • Location: VUB, Belgium
  • Organiser: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Contact person:
  • Seminarium

The MOBI Seminar will be completely virtual/online due to the current circumstances. The name of this year will be ‘The future of mobility & logistics is like a foreign country: We will do things differently’.

Draft programme and to register!
Each session will start with 3-4 pitches by our researchers to introduce the topics. Then, an interactive discussion as well as a Q&A session will follow about the presented topics. We would like to involve external stakeholders who have been working with MOBI in the past in these sessions.  Therefore, we would like to ask you to give a one-minute pitch in the session: 'Session track 5: The batteries of the future'. We want to pre-record this pitch so that the event runs as smoothly as it can be. Our communications officer, Phebe Coppens, will help you with this. In the pitch we would love to hear answers to the 3 following questions:

• Tell who you are and describe in one line your organisation/company/institute
• What do you find interesting at MOBI? What doe you see as MOBI’s unique selling points? (2 lines)
• What are the challenges in the field of “title of the session”? (3 lines) 

Afterwards, you are welcome to join the discussion.